What purpose does this garden serve

My digital garden or the “Zettelgarden” is a byproduct of the amalgamation of two concepts that I am deeply passionate about - Zettelkasten and public [[ Digital Garden ]]s.

This website is an extension of [[ my private Zettelkasten system ]]. I use my own Zettelkasten framework that is built around logseq and Obsisan MD to process my thoughts, ideas, sparks, experiences and any other stuff that I am consciously attending to. The output of this system is two things:

  1. A collection of permanent notes or evergreen notes 2.  Source material for assembling the articles I write for Thought Garden.

Permanent Notes doesn’t mean they are permanent for all eternity. It just means that the notes will remain in my system, but will be subjected to changes. They will evolve constantly as I gather and discover new information that satisfies or invalidates the things I have written earlier.

The main purpose of the Zettelgarden is to be the public face of my Zettelkasten with hopes the “ideas in motion” can inspire more than the finished product. The finished product I speak of here is my blog. Zettelgarden serves as a snapshot of my process.

As for its true purpose it shall remain a mystery as I am yet to discover it.

No matter how many times your story might have been told in the same order and fashion across all ages when you tell it in your own order, what comes after will surprise you.

If you like how you this site and is curious enough to know more about how it was built and how it works go to How this site works

Hey there, my name is Rahul Rajeev and thank you for taking the time to read through my digital garden. This garden is a raw reflection of my explorations - so all the information shared here are versions of my own experiences and assumptions.

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