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Hey, Home note is were I try to keep things more or less organised. Here, I have created some entry points intro different topics and thoughts deliberately. It serves as a meta-index page to all notes in this personal knowledge management system. Do note that the home note will undergo changes with time, as I consume new information and change how I think about organising the mental model of my digital garden.

Topic wise entry points

  • [[ Design System ]] - Inception, definition, future of Design systems
  • Zettelkasten - Comprehension, digital vs analogue, personalisation
  • Productivity - Mindsets, Process, Approaches, End Game
  • Mental Models - Dissecting the classic mental models for my own comprehension
  • Writing - Content, Copy, Persuasion, Strategy, Communication
  • Learning - Science, Methods and Optimisations
  • [[ Knowledge Management ]] - Information overload, how to manage information
  • [[ Artificial Intelligence ]] - About AI, LLMs, ML, their potential and their real impact

I would like to add topics such as art, design, thinking, cognition, business, process, marketing, communication, intelligence, coding and decision making as I expand my reading and exposure to information.

All notes (Orphan Notes) that are yet to have assigned any starting points or topics can be found in the Budding Ground. You might also find my Book record interesting; these have helped me significantly shape my approach to living a life that promotes creation over consumption. I am also compiling a list of Evergreen Articles and People who have influenced me directly or indirectly.

Finally, let me remind you that Zettelgarden is my pet project. I am trying to create a public version of my personal knowledge management system through a combination of various approaches that are followed by some of the most amazing people that I know through internet. The core motivation for this project remains the Zettelkasten system, I am constantly adopting the make up of this system to suit my own needs. I try to keep a Change Log for the site, so that I can document serious mindshift changes and work flow adaptations.

Of late, I am also thinking of framing my own 12 favourite problems like Richard Feynman.

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