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Welcome to the start page. I am glad that you are here.

Thank you for taking the time to peek into my “ZettelGarden”. I named it so by combining the words Zettelkasten and Digital Garden. Zettelgarden is in a way a union of both these concepts (connected atomic notes and notes that grow over time).

As you might have noticed there isn’t any enforced navigation hierarchies here. It’s a conscious choice. Each page is a Permanent Note and you can jump to any note by the using the graph down below.

You might find How to navigate this garden section useful if this is your first time entering a digital garden such as this or if you are not familiar with using note taking apps such as Obsidian.

Home Note is living index page for this entire garden. You can explore to find more about what I am thinking and is learning through the Home Note.

DISCLAIMER This garden is a work in progress. You may stumble upon broken links, unedited text, invalidated hypotheses and many other things that you won’t find in a regular blog. I see this more as a thinking space, using principles of Zettelkasten and applying the build in public movement. ~ Rahul Rajeev

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