What is Neuromorphic Computing

Neuromorphic Computing - A brief

Neuromorphic computing is a technology that enables accurately model the operation of a biological brain using digital or analog processing techniques. Once the tech is here, it will have significant impact on existing products and markets.

Neuromoriphic computing will help AI products and systems mature faster by enabling them to respond better to the unpredictability of the real world. Their autonomous capabilities will form the basis for many future AI based products.

Self-supervised learning is it’s differentiating feature. It will help AI systems to work with limited data sets.

Predictions from Gartner

  • three to six years for the tech to transition from early adopter status to majority adoption
  • will have substancial impact on existing products and markets
  • it will disrupt many of the current AI technologies
  • it can deliver power saving and performance that current generation of ai chips can deliver

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