Now page is a snapshot of what my brain is predominantly occupied with at present.

The Book that I am reading now : Persuasive Copywriting

Topics that I am actively learning now:

  • Design Systems - Creation, Documentation and Management
  • Knowledge Management - How effectively build and use tools of thoughts that makes better use of modern technology to manage cognitive overload
  • Brand Communication Strategies
  • User Experience Design across product, services and process management.

What I am working on these days:

  • Building a design company at Dreamflakes
  • Restarting my blog/newsletter - Thought Palace
  • Unpacking Niklas Luhmann’s Zettelkasten system as a long term project
  • Expanding the semantics of “Design System” to be more that what it is presently accpeted

Other Experiments

Emerging areas


  1. Neuromorphic Computing
  2. Metaverse
  3. Multimodal UI
  4. Spatial Computing
  5. Hyperscale Edge Computing
  6. Knowledge Graphs
  7. Self-supervised learning
  8. Foundation Models
  9. Edge AI
  10. Model Compression

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